Couch potato lost six stone to complete 69-mile run

Ultra-marathon man Peter Sariwee from Lancaster
Ultra-marathon man Peter Sariwee from Lancaster
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A nurse has lost more than six stones and transformed his life to complete a mammoth ultra-marathon.

Self-confessed ‘couch potato’ Peter Sariwee turned his life around after a close friend’s near-death experience made him re-evaluate his lifestyle.

Peter Sariwee before losing weight

Peter Sariwee before losing weight

And the 42-year-old from Lancaster lost six and a half stones in four months and then embarked on the UK’s largest ultra-marathon – ‘The Wall’ – a 69-mile run along Hadrian’s Wall.

He said: “When I saw these people being brought in it was upsetting to think that it could be me.

“As a nurse, I would take patients’ details, including how much they ate, drank and weighed.

“And that’s when I realised there were too many parallels between their lives and mine.

“The pivotal moment for me though, was when a friend of mine, who I would drink with down the local pub, came in after suffering a heart attack.

“We were very alike and this gave me the kickstart I needed to turn my life around.

“I missed so much of my life by being a couch potato – now I want to make up for it as I finally have my life back.”

Peter completed the Carlisle Castle to Newcastle Gateshead Quayside run in June and finished it in 13 hours and 47 minutes.

And he credits his weight loss to his new healthy approach to life.

He said: “I had an amazing time at The Wall – it was my longest run yet and I am very proud to have completed it in just one day. Taking up running has been instrumental to my weight loss and I have found that by setting myself a target and a challenge to complete, such as a marathon, has helped me stay motivated and on track.”