Controversial creationist in debate (with audio)

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One of the world's foremost religious theorists has revealed to an audience in Lancashire how he formed his controversial views on creation.

Creationist John Mackay told an audience at the Leyland Pentecostal Fellowship it was reading a book written by an atheist which converted him.

The Australian, a former science teacher, spoke of his beliefs that the Bible's version of creation, that God created all living things, was true and that the planet is only thousands of years old, not millions, as is commonly accepted.

He said: "The book was poking fun at God and the Bible saying God did not exist, but that was an absolute negative which common sense tells us you can never establish.

"So, that got me thinking, if he is this far out in one chapter, what about the rest? It really challenged my beliefs and suddenly I found God who I was accountable to.

"I got to the New Testament which says you can know the creator of all these things the Bible talks about.

"From that day onwards, I have been a Christian because I believe Christ is real."

Since discovering the theory, Mr Mackay has formed his own research company, Creation Research, which travels the world to seek evidence, in the form of fossils and living creatures, as part of its investigation to try to prove the consequences of the biblical version of creation.

The one-time geologist was joined by Dr Diane Eager at the debate following an invitation from the Leyland fellowship, which has a large number of believers in the creation theory among its members.

Hear John Mackay talk about his controversial views on creationism (Windows Media).