Claims of dogs poisoned in Preston ‘unfounded’

Sign in Haslam Park warning of dogs being poisoned
Sign in Haslam Park warning of dogs being poisoned
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Claims dogs are being poisoned in city parks have been slammed as “completely unfounded” by council bosses.

Posters with a skull and crossbones image had been displayed in parks across Preston, warning dog owners of a danger from poison allegedly being placed in food in the area.

But city leaders rejected the claims, and a spokesman said: “This is completely unfounded. As far as the council is aware, no dog or other pet has been harmed in such circumstances.

“At the moment, these posters have been found in Oxheys Recreation Ground, Haslam and Ashton Parks.

“Our general animal welfare advice would be not to let your dog eat anything they find whilst out on its walk.

“The council has not put up these posters or authorised them in any way. We are removing them as we find them. We don’t know who is putting up these posters or their reasons behind it.

“Dog walkers are, and always will be, welcome in Preston’s parks.”