Chorley’s police station sees new Union Flag

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An active member of the community in Chorley has welcomed the new Union Flag flying outside the town’s police station.

Joy Fisher, 76, of Walgarth Drive has been campaigning for three years to see a new, cleaner flag put up.

“We have success at last,” she said.

“Now the men will be proud to stand under the flag.

“The old one was so dirty it was almost unrecognisable as a Union Flag.

“It was an insult to our veterans.”

Joy told the Guardian that she has been on the case to the police, council, police and crime commissioner and to the mayor to see a new flag installed but to no avail until now.

She added: “Lindsay Hoyle and I even offered to pay for a new one.”

The Guardian has contacted the police for a statement and is waiting to hear back.