Chorley Little Theatre set for secret ballot vote to rename the 109-year-old thespian hot spot

Ian Robinson outside Chorley Little Theatre
Ian Robinson outside Chorley Little Theatre
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One of Lancashire’s premier theatres is gearing up for a vote on renaming the 109-year-old institution.

Chorley Little Theatre is starting the New Year with a bang, holding a secret ballot vote on Thursday (January 10) to decide what the venue should be called from 2020.

Theatre chairman Ian Robinson said: “We should hopefully be taking over the Hyatt [Indian restaurant] next door to run as an extra venue, so there will be two spaces to perform.

“People are very affectionate about the name, which we like and it has served us well, but Chorley has expanded so much in the last few years.

“When it was called ‘little’ in the 60s there was a movement of little theatres – but people don’t know that anymore or understand what it means. So it’s just looking at it from a 21st century perspective.”

There are three options to vote on – keeping the current name of Chorley Little Theatre; changing to Chorley Empire Theatre; or changing to Chorley Theatre.

The decision comes as the theatre – which also screens films – will have increased competition from the Reel Cinema coming to town as part of the Mark Walk extension.

But Ian remains optimistic, saying: “With the new cinema opening in Chorley there will be increased competition and attention on the town centre.

“But with the Market Walk development there’s going to be increased footfall; that’s something we have to take advantage of.”