Chorley Council publishes parking accounts

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Chorley Council have published their full parking accounts for 2015/16 following two Freedom of Information requests.

The newly published accounts show that in 2015/16 Chorley Council received £700,550 comprising of £36,404 from off-street parking permits, £586,125 from off-street parking fees and £78,022 from off-street parking fines.

Expenditure of £412,027 includes £189,251 for premises, £30,027 for supplies and services, £55,216 for third-party services, £88,920 for central and administration and £49,243 for works to car parks.

Overall, Chorley’s car parks made a contribution of £288,524.

This surplus, Chorley Council reports, contributed towards outdoor recreational facilities at £238,189, open land and water at £2,963, highways and roads at £49,727, reduction in pollution at £11,402 and public passenger transport at £5,588.

Altogether this amounts to £307,869.