Charities join forces in their fight against brain tumours

In memory: Katy Holmes
In memory: Katy Holmes
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A charity set up in memory of brain tumour victim Katy Holmes has joined forces with another charity.

The Katy Holmes Trust (KHT) and Ellie’s Fund-Brain Tumour Trust (EFBTT) based in Scarborough joined forces to help the fight against brain tumours.

EFBTT has donated £10,000 to the Katy Holmes to help them fund a project they have recently committed to.

Both charities were set up to fund brain tumour research after Heather Othick and Paula Holmes both lost their daughters to brain tumours.

The KHT is funding a groundbreaking five-year project, led by researchers at the Institute for Cancer Research, the Institute for Child Health and Newcastle University, investigating new treatments for tumours. The work will form part of a wider programme of research into childhood brain tumours, costing £4m led by The Brain Tumour Charity.

The KHT has pledged £711,000 and the donation from EFBTT will be used towards this project.

Paula Holmes who set up the charity with her husband David after losing 10-year-old Katy in January 2012 said: “Heather and I have come together a few times on various projects and to have her support now as we go on to fund this fantastic programme led by the Brain Tumor Charity is a fabulous example of a joined up approach which is always bound to win in the end.”