Celebrities to sports stars, in 25 years he’s seen it all’

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Award-winning Lancashire Evening Post photographer Ian Robinson is moving on. Here KATE McMULLIN speaks to him about some of his best moments

For the past quarter of a century, Ian Robinson has been covering the county with his camera. Ian first joined the Evening Post’s sister paper, the Chorley Guardian, in 1990 before moving to the LEP five years later.

Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson

Over the years, the five-time winner of Photographer of the Year has travelled the world snapping pictures of everything from royalty and prime ministers to murderers and celebrities.

A keen sports enthusiast, some of his proudest moments have been photographing more than 60 football clubs and taking pictures of sporting legends, including Sir Tom Finney and George Best.

Looking back on his career, married dad of one Ian, 49, said: “You do everything, there is absolutely no choice, whatever comes in you do it. I’ve photographed all of the Royal Family bar Harry and photographed Diana on the day that her divorce was announced, which was quite a wake up call because I was one of about 400 photographers all trying to get the picture.

“I’ve even sent in pictures to the office while having my leg put in plaster in A&E after I tore my Achilles tendon while taking pictures of the snow a couple of years back. “

In his time Ian, who lives in Burscough but trained in Wigan, has won numerous awards for his pictures, including being named photographer of the year five times and runner up a further three.

But there have also been a few embarrassing moments for Ian and the nerves did get to him at points.

“There is only one photo shoot that I have got nervous about doing which was Norman Wisdom, who was like the Peter Kay of his day and I used to watch his films when I was a kid and I just got so nervous.

“I had to do a photo shoot as well of a girl who was sat in a bath of beans for charity, and as I went to take the picture someone thought it would be funny to just pour a can of beans over my head and I had a full day’s work left to go, so for the full day I was in some t-shirt that was found for me to wear, smelling of beans.”

However, despite not missing baths of beans, A&E visits and days that never seem to end, there are a whole host of other things that Ian will miss.

“I will miss going to places you’re not supposed to go to and meeting people you would never have met.

“When you say ‘LEP photographer’ doors were opened to you and now those doors will be closed but I would say to people going into the business, embrace it, you’ve only got one life, so live it. “