CCTV appeal over Fulwood bank raid attempt

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Police are appealing for information after an attempted burglary at a bank in Preston.

At 12.30am on Wednesday, March 4, three people wearing balaclavas approached the security camera at the front of the HSBC in Forest Way, off Caxton Road in Fulwood.

Crime: The ATM machine

Crime: The ATM machine

The camera was turned so it pointed towards the floor, then repeated attempts were made to break into the ATM machine, causing substantial damage to the building and to the machine.

The offenders left empty handed at around 1.50am when a van arrived and collected them.

The van is described as white with siding doors on both sides, double doors at the rear and a blacked out panel on the passenger side. The make and model of the van is unknown. It was driven away towards ASDA.

One of the offenders was wearing green and yellow trainers.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police on 101.