Caton Road set to open on Friday more than a week after accident

Furious motorists are angry at the continued closure of Caton Road in Lancaster after an accident more than a week ago.

Wednesday, 3rd January 2018, 11:13 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd January 2018, 12:15 pm
Caton Road in Lancaster has been closed for a week after an accident resulted in diesel being spilled on the road. Picture by Laurence Dent.

But Lancashire County Council said that after the serious incident last Wednesday which resulted in diesel being spilled on the road, Caton Road would have to be closed for resurfacing.

Laurence Dent, of Caton, said: “Just what kind of a country do we live in that is not capable of repairing a road after an accident? It beggars belief.”

Edward Meadowcroft said on Lancaster Past and Present: “What amazes me is that Lancashire County Council have done nothing about it and the diesel will be soaking further into the ground.”

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MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood Cat Smith expressed her concern at the road closure in a letter to the leader of Lancashire County Council saying: “As a main road connecting Lancaster city centre to the M6, I find it totally unacceptable that this vital route has remained closed for a week.”

“A spokesman for Lancashire County Council, said: “The part of Caton Road which was damaged by the diesel spill is being planed off today (Wednesday) and we’re hoping to have it open by Friday evening once it has been resurfaced.

“There will be some minor work to be completed next week, such as applying an anti-skid surface where necessary and repainting the lines, but this can be done with temporary traffic lights in place, and without closing the road.

“We realise that this emergency closure has caused some disruption, however during the festive period the contractors we rely on to plane off road surfaces and produce road surfacing materials are not available, so it hasn’t been possible to undertake this essential work sooner.

“We did look at partially reopening Caton Road following the diesel spill but due to the condition of the surface it was deemed unsafe to do so.

“The Bay Gateway has provided an alternative route which has been signed as the diversion and we have also placed additional signs on each side of the closure indicating that businesses are open as usual.”