Carer beat up disabled partner in jealous rage

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A woman who hit her disabled partner with a walking stick until it broke during a vicious and prolonged attack has been spared jail.

Pamela Birket, 48, was her victim’s carer and “lost the plot” when she started punching and biting him, Preston Crown Court was told,

Birket, of Kirkham Road, Freckleton, had been out drinking on the night of the attack with her partner of five years , whose multiple sclerosis and heart problems have left him needing a wheelchair.

The couple returned home in the early hours of December 7 and the court heard she became jealous of his references to other female carers.

David Clarke, prosecuting, said she started punching her victim, 59, in the face before picking up a walking stick that she hit him with it around five times on his legs and head, causing it to break.

She also bit her partner and struck him with an ashtray before falling asleep.

When she woke up, she stayed with her partner, cleaning his injuries and helping him go to the toilet. He suffered bruising and grazes to his head, legs, chest and arms.

She offered to call an ambulance or the police but he declined. An ambulance was eventually called when another carer arrived.

Rachel Woods, defending, said: “There is no rhyme or reason that she can put before the court as to why suddenly, at the age of 48, she is arrested for the first time in her life, brought before the crown court and faces the prospect of going to prison.

“It would appear her behaviour was borne out of possible feelings of insecurity, low self esteem. She clearly felt, whether she was right or wrong, that the complainant had been perhaps goading her or making inappropriate comments to rile or instil some deep rooted feelings of insecurity”.

The barrister said the defendant was normally a woman of “impeccable character”.

Miss Woods said there had been an atmosphere leading up to the events and Birket had drunk far too much.

She added: “Sadly for the poor victim, he became the victim of a deeply unpleasant offence. She has genuine remorse for what happened and has since lost her job.”

In a personal statement, the victim said he hoped to remain friends with Birket, who had no previous convictions and had earlier pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm.

Judge Michael Byrne told her: “There must be a sentence of imprisonment, but it can be suspended, somewhat mercifully”.

She was given a 12-month jail term, suspended for two years and a three-month curfew between 9pm and 6am.