Carer ‘abused and humiliated’ dementia patients in nursing home

NURSING HOME: Greenfield
NURSING HOME: Greenfield
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A CARER is accused of abusing and humiliating vulnerable dementia patients he was entrusted to look after, a court has been told.

Staff at the Greenfield Nursing Home in Ingol blew the whistle on Krisendutt Vibert, 51, after witnessing at first hand the abuse he allegedly inflicted on two elderly residents in his care, including slapping one hard across his bare backside.

Vibert – who also went by the name ‘Desmond’ – was a bank worker in the Beech House unit of the home, where the most disabled and vulnerable patients reside, when he is alleged to have ill-treated two men.

In May last year, three care assistants working alongside Vibert say they witnessed residents’ ill treatment at his hands, Preston Crown Court heard.

One man, in his 80s, is alleged to have been grabbed by his privates and pulled, causing him pain and discomfort, as Vibert got him ready for bed.

Jurors were told that on another occasion another carer witnessed Vibert roughly handling elderly patients and witnessed him pick up the same patient and throw him on to his bed.

A third carer said she saw Vibert slap an elderly man who was “essentially immobile” hard across his bare backside.

The three reported their concerns to the management at the home in Tag Lane and an enquiry was launched.

Vibert denies three counts of ill-treatment of a person relating to two men with dementia, mobility and communication difficulties, at Preston Crown Court.

Opening the trial yesterday, Jacob Dyer, prosecuting, said: “The people concerned were the most vulnerable of residents.

“They had dementia and also had physical disabilities.

“Krisendutt Vibert was entrusted with caring for them at night. Instead of showing compassion he physically abused them.

“Where he should have been turning them at night to keep them comfortable and reduce pressure sores he was rough and uncaring in the way he handled them.”

Vibert, of Ellersey Road, Preston, was interviewed by Det Con Ian Zanelli on July 14.

He told the officer he had worked with the two elderly men at the unit and described one as “a frail little man”.

However, he adamantly denied abusing the patients, the court was told.

Mr Dyer said: “One of the carers did challenge Vibert at the time but Vibert made it clear he was not bothered.

“When another carer challenged him, his response was that he did not care.”

After discussing their concerns, three co-workers wrote a note to the care home manager Julie Dobson, lodging their concerns.

Vibert denies mistreating the residents at Greenfield Nursing Home.