'Car parts and gas canisters' in paper recycling prompts polite reminder from Preston Council

Over the last few weeks, Preston Council have noticed that some incorrect objects have been found in their paper and card recycling bins.

Tuesday, 15th October 2019, 1:55 pm
A gas canister found in one recycling bin load

So much so, that they have had some loads rejected by the company who process it.

In some paper bins recently there has been a gas canister, some nappies (in and out of nappy bags) and even some car parts.

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Other foreign objects included used nappies

As a reminder, these are the things that should go into the paper and cardboard recycling bin:

- Paper

- Catalogues and Directories

- Wrapping Paper (Non Foil)

Car parts were also discovered

- Newspaper

- Magazines

- Junk Mail/envelopes

- Cardboard Food Packaging

- Ready meal sleeves

- Cardboard Boxes (must fit container)

- Toilet Roll and Kitchen Roll Tubes

- Greetings Cards

- Cereal Boxes

These are the items that should not go into paper and card recycling:

- juice or milk cartons (tetrapacks)

- plastic wrapping

- wallpaper

- polystyrene

- carrier bags, loose items only