Car park extension hope to solve village problems

Parked cars on Liverpool Road, Hutton
Parked cars on Liverpool Road, Hutton
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Traffic congestion in a busy village could be eased by new car park plans.

An extension to the village hall car park in Moor Lane is on a ‘wishlist’ being worked on by members of South Ribble Council’s Neighbourhood Forum, in a bid to stop motorists blocking up residential areas and boost trade to local shops.

Councillor Colin Coulton who sits on the forum said: “It was requested that something be done, because the village hall car park is always getting full.

“Spaces are very limited and there used to be a problem of people parking on an island in front of the shops that’s meant to be a footpath.

“The Parish Council had to put planters there to stop it happening.

“The shops are popular, and there’s also an increasing number of Hutton Grammar sixth form pupils parking on the road.

“It means that cars are blocking up the residential streets, and it can be very tricky to get through the centre of the village at certain times.”

He added: “We hope that we can extend the parking at the village hall by using elevated matting above the grass, like what’s been done at the social club in Longton.

“No tarmac would be used, and from a distance, you wouldn’t realise that it was a car park at all.

“Also, because the grass would remain, problems of flooding wouldn’t be an issue.”

Yesterday, several cars were seen parked on the footpath outside the row of shops.

Plans are at a very early stage, and no funding has been agreed for the project.

There are five South Ribble Neighbourhood Forums, divided into geographical locations.

Hutton falls into the Western Parish, which has £6,500 for improvements each year.

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