Can you help Kathryn find her late father’s wedding ring?

UPSET: Kathryn Rice and Alan Partridge with last year's lights display
UPSET: Kathryn Rice and Alan Partridge with last year's lights display
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Kathryn Rice said she doesn’t want five gold rings this Christmas, just one - her late father’s that went missing last week.

Kathryn was leafleting neighbours in Parkside, Lea, on Tuesday, December 8, to tell them about a light swich on at her home in aid of Heartbeat.

When she got home, she discovered her father’s wedding ring, which was left to her after his death in 1995, had disappeared.

Kathryn had the 1943 gold signet ring resized and wore it on the little finger of her left hand.

She said: “A lot of the letterboxes we were pushing leaflets through had double brushes on them and you struggled to get your hand back out.

“I think the ring has come off with me doing that. I can’t see how it’s dropped outside the letter box.”

Kathryn and her partner have re-leafletted the houses with an appeal for the ring, but have yet to hear any news.

She said: “I’m inconsolable. I’m so emotionally attached to that ring.

“It’s not the monetary value of it, it’s the sentimental value.”

In her search, Kathryn has scoured eBay and local pawn shops for the ring, but has still drawn a blank.

She said: “At first I was quite hopeful I’d get it back, but now I’m not so sure.”

The ring has the initials TR engraved on top - for Thomas Reeder -and two lines around the edges, leading up to a square top.

If anyone has any information on the ring, call 07876472900.