Calls for Sir Tom Finney blue plaque

Legend's street: St Michael's Road, Deepdale, where Sir Tom Finney was born
Legend's street: St Michael's Road, Deepdale, where Sir Tom Finney was born
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Calls for a blue plaque to be put on the house where Sir Tom Finney was born have gathered pace.

Sir Tom was born at a house in St Michael’s Road, Deepdale, Preston, in 1922. The man who now lives in that house came up with the idea as a lasting tribute to the city’s finest son.

Tim Davies, 45, bought the house in 1988.

He said a plaque was something he had thought about seven or eight years ago, but it never materialised. He believed it would be a “fitting tribute”.

He added: “I just thought, when I saw all the tributes start to pour in, it is a part of Preston’s history. It seems to have picked up momentum. I love the whole idea.”

Tim, who works for HMRC, didn’t know at first the house was Sir Tom’s birthplace.

He said: “I bought the house in September 1988. I think it was about the November of that year that Sir Tom was on This is Your Life.

“I had sat down to watch it and they said he had been born in St Michael’s Road.

“It didn’t register with me that it was my house.

“The next day my colleagues told me and it all started from there.”

Tim said: “Over the years, I have had people knock on the door and say did I know Sir Tom was born here?

“I have had children knock on the door who were doing projects at school on Preston or Sir Tom.”

Coun Peter Rankin, leader of Preston Council, said: “It’s a great idea and we’ll make it happen in a month or two.

“Lots of people have had lots of tribute ideas of how to commemorate Sir Tom Finney.”

Aidan Turner Bishop, from the Preston and South Ribble Civic Society, welcomed the idea and said a decision would need to be made on where exactly the plaque would go, because Sir Tom moved around.

He said: “I am sure it would be very popular and the Civic Trust would be glad to contribute and enable it to happen.”