Calls for action over flood-hit road

Photo Neil Cross'Freya Smith of Hall Lane, Longton, splashing around in the flooded road
Photo Neil Cross'Freya Smith of Hall Lane, Longton, splashing around in the flooded road
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Residents have called for urgent action on a road blighted by flooding.

People living on Hall Lane in Longton say they are fed up with a deluge on the road every time it rains, and have insisted something must be done.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said the flooding has been happening for a number of years, since a nearby ditch was filled in.

She said: “It never used to flood but now every time it rains there is a flood all the way across the road.

“It is a little narrow country road lined by hedges and trees and the water runs off the fields and the only place it can go is on the road.

“This year there has been so much rain. If you are walking to get past you need wellies or long boots. Driving through it is terrifying.”

She said: “Every time it rains we are having to move through this several times a day. We are all fed up.

“There used to be a ditch where the water would go when it flood, but now there is nowhere to go.

“I have had by brakes affected by driving through the water. It is a terrible mess.”

The wet weather this year has meant plenty of rain, and residents say when the weather gets cold the road is also a hazard.

She said: “When it ices over it is like a ski slope.

“There is quite a lot of houses along there, even though it is so rural, so it can get busy.

“A lot of cars go up and down there. It is such a tiny, narrow road.”

Lancashire County Council’s highways manager for the South Ribble area, Rachel Crompton, said: “We are aware that there’s an underlying problem with flooding in this area and we have done quite a lot of work to investigate the cause.

“So far, we have cleaned out a number of gullies that have been over-grown to allow the water to escape.

“As this doesn’t appear to have resolved the problem, we will need to investigate it further. It’s worth noting that residents’ houses and gardens aren’t being affected by the flooding.”