Call for new cemetery provision in West Lancashire

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper
West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper
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West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper and West Lancashire Pensioners Forum have joined forces in campaigning for new cemetery and crematorium provision in the borough.

Ms Cooper said: “Too many families are having to lay their loved ones to rest in neighbouring boroughs due to our lack of burial space, for which they are charged a higher amount.

“As well as costing families a significant amount extra to bury loved ones, there is then the extra distance travelling to visit the resting place whether it is Southport, Liverpool or St Helens, which adds even more costs.

“There is no statutory duty requiring West Lancashire Borough Council to provide burial areas so the solution will mean we have to find a private provider.

“I welcome the hard work and effort of West Lancashire Pensioners Forum to raise awareness of this awful situation.”

Recently forum members have taken to the streets of West Lancashire and collected 2,000 signitures on a petition supporting their call.