Call for more defibrillators

Lifesaver: Defibrillator
Lifesaver: Defibrillator
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A call has been made for all new public buildings in South Ribble to contain a defibrillator.

Kingsfold Coun Keith Martin has urged the authority to act to save lives, after the high-profile cardiac arrest of footballer Fabrice Muamba.

Coun Martin said: “I asked the leader of the council what the situation was with defibrillators, and he was proud to say that they are already fitted in all of the borough’s leisure centres.

“But is it not possible to get them in all new public 

“Defibrillators can’t help in every circumstance, but they do also contain information on what else to do.

“It’s got to be better to have them than not.”

Coun Cliff Hughes, said the council cannot insist that developers install defibrillators.

He said: “Installing defibrillators in all public buildings is an interesting concept because these machines can potentially save the lives of people suffering heart attacks.

“However, I think it would more appropriate for this issue to be addressed at national level rather than trying to use the planning system to impose it locally, as the council must make decisions on planning applications based on planning law and policies.”