Call for CCTV at cemetery following damage to graves

CALL: Susan O'Neill is backing the call for CCTV after her son's grave was vandalised
CALL: Susan O'Neill is backing the call for CCTV after her son's grave was vandalised
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An online petition calling for CCTV at Preston Cemetery has been launched.

The petition, which has been posted on Preston Council’s website, is urging Town Hall bosses to install cameras following cases of vandalism at the cemetery in Ribbleton.

It states: “Quite a few graves have been and continue to be destroyed, not only are vandals destroying the resting places of our loved ones, they are also removing valuable off the graves.

“It’s bad enough losing a loved one without fearing that something may happen to their resting place.”

It comes weeks after the Evening Post reported a mum had been left heartbroken after ornaments at her son’s grave were “smashed up” by vandals.

Susan O’Neill, whose son James Gerrard died in a car crash in 2005, was devastated when his resting place was targeted.

The 53-year-old from Ribbleton said there is a need for CCTV to be installed.

She said: “When James’ grave was vandalised, I went to the cemetery office but I was told it would be a waste of time having CCTV because it wouldn’t cover the whole cemetery.

“But I think it needs it, especially where James is, it’s quiet around there.

“I used to sit on the committee for the cemetery we used to have a meeting once a week but it got no where so people stopped going.”

However Ribbleton Ward Councillor Brian Rollo said: “As far as CCTV goes it’s very difficult to set up. It’s very large and CCTV would need to cover the whole lot. When you put CCTV up the people being watched no where it is. CCTV is not the solution for an area that size.”