Call for bedroom tax scrap for the abused

Preston MP Mark Hendrick
Preston MP Mark Hendrick
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Preston MP Mark Hendrick has signed an e-petition calling on the Government’s Department for Work and Pensions to exempt victims of domestic violence from the bedroom tax.

The online petition, that has has so far attracted 210 signatures, calls for the Government to make exemptions for victims of domesticabuse or violence from the Spare Room Subsidy if they have had a Police Assessment or have a safe room in the property.

It highlights that many victims are unable to work due to the effect on their health and sometimes due to having to move homes for their safety.

Mark Hendrick said: “Victims of Domestic Violence are already suffering considerable distress and upheaval in their lives before the Government hits them again with a bedroom tax. It’s unfair and inhumane and I urge the Government to end the bedroom tax for the most vulnerable in our society.”