Cake gift is last for Leyland’s secret do-gooder

Last gift from Leyland Random Acts Of Kindness
Last gift from Leyland Random Acts Of Kindness
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A mum of two who sparked mystery after carrying out random acts of kindness in Leyland has made another mysterious gift - at a cake shop.

The do-gooder, who wants to remain anonymous, has previously left scratchcards in supermarket aisles, paid for parking and left money at a cafe for a stranger’s order.

But Tweeting from the @LeylandRAOK account on Monday, she anounced her latest gift would be her last.

She posted a picture of an envelope addressed to Victoria Cakes in Leyland stating: “Please pass this envelope to the next person who walks into your shop. I’d like to buy them a cupcake and wish them a good day.”

The Twitter message then read: “Last one I’ll be posting, press/publicity is scary, I wish to remain anonymous”.

Last week the woman told the Evening Post that she had only told one friend and that she found it nerve-wracking leaving the gifts. She hoped other people would copy.