Cafe plans for town bungalow

One of the last residential properties on Penwortham's high street could soon be turned into a cafe.

Photo Neil Cross
The bungalow on Liverpool Road, Penwortham, with plans to turn it into a tea room
Photo Neil Cross The bungalow on Liverpool Road, Penwortham, with plans to turn it into a tea room

Paul Richmond from Lostock Hall has launched plans to change the use of a bungalow at 44 Liverpool Road, claiming it is the “odd one out”, as all the other properties along this stretch of Liverpool Road are in commercial use.

A report submitted to South Ribble Council proposes the external appearance of the building would remain relatively unchanged, with the use of the existing bay windows as cafe frontages. The kitchen area would be to the side.

Two car parking spaces would be provided on the Liverpool Road frontage; otherwise the rest of the external land would remain open.

There has been a mixed response from local residents to the application.

Around half of representations to South Ribble Council claim it would be good for the area, but others fear noise, parking problems, cooking smells, and the loss of “the last surviving garden of any horticultural merit in the town centre.”

Penwortham Councillor David Howarth said planning bosses at South Ribble had already “let the genie out of the bottle” by allowing the next door property to change from a bungalow to a wine bar.

He said: “Unfortunately South Ribble planners have set a precedent on 42A by granting planning permission without any parking provision.

“How many more businesses the shoppers car park can accommodate is seriously open to question, but the proximity of the public car park was a reason given for granting permission to the wine bar so it is hard to see how they could refuse permission on the same grounds for a tea rooms.”

Neil Anyon, agent for the applicant, said: “This will undoubtedly create jobs; it’s an empty building at the moment.

“It would be renovated and would be a great addition to the retail stretch in that part of Penwortham.”

Addressing concerns from residents, he added: “It’s straight across from a wine bar and restaurant and is nowhere near residential properties - there’s a garage and a driveway before the nearest house.

“The applicant is looking at foot trade rather than drawing people in from afar, and hasn’t been asked to provide parking. But there is car parking provision in the area.”