YOUR SAY: Readers have a say on Preston traffic chaos

Traffic struggling to get out of the Fishergate Shopping Centre car park during late night shopping in Preston. Cars were reporting delays of and hour and more
Traffic struggling to get out of the Fishergate Shopping Centre car park during late night shopping in Preston. Cars were reporting delays of and hour and more
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Traffic chaos has been causing misery for festive shoppers who struggled for hours to get out of Preston city centre this week.

The story instantly caused a huge debate online with many blaming the design of the new shared spaced scheme on Fishergate.

If you missed the original story, read it here: Preston traffic nightmare causes misery for festive shoppers

In the meantime, find out what other readers think about the issue below:

MCC: “I just avoid Preston city centre ever since the stupid shared space scheme started. Why someone would travel from Manchester to shop in Preston is beyond me.”

theonlywayisup: “1) let drivers turn right down lune street when coming out of St Georges car park. 2) place traffic officers at the junctions to direct the traffic instead of relying on the lights at the busy times”

cllrKeith: “From what I have seen, it is the volume of traffic. I do not know why the new scheme is being blamed, there was only ever one lane down Fishergate and the bottlenecks are still at the Ringway. I did notice that there were a few drivers who could have been a little more considerate, blocking junctions and ignoring signs does not really help.”

Fullbob: “Why people keep using the car parks that are at the heart of congestion at peak times is beyond me. The bus station car park and many others around town provide quick and easy exits onto the ring road or the A6 and are probably cheaper. People should understand the improvement works on Fishergate - Preston’s main shopping street - are primarily aimed at making the experience nicer for pedestrians, not car users.

“After all this publicity and their own personal experience, if drivers continue to use the affected car parks then they’ve only themselves to blame.”

electric_2: “Preston is the only city where the ring road goes right through the centre of the city elsewhere the road skirts the outskirts of the city so it is obvious that there will be problems at busy times. I live 2 miles from Preston but shop out of town where there are NO traffic problems.”

safeashouses: “Most Prestonians knew this idiotic scheme would never work. I hate having to go anywhere near the centre these days. To have lavished £3.4 million on this nonsense in times of austerity is an absolute disgrace. For goodness sake, get people in at LCC Highways with a bit of nous, they really are a complete and utter joke.”

meh: “Two small signs are not going to stop people turning right, when leaving butler st.

“They need to put a temporary barrier down the middle of the road from the old vic to corporation st.

“This will stop the right turn people in Fishergate also.

“I should note that I ignore both signs myself, as do most other people.”

Master Wade Hall: “I think that we could do more to help with all this Christmas traffic, I think that forum member the onlywayisup has a great idea. The idea to let traffic flow down Lune Street would be a truly great idea.

“I would also bar cars completely from turning of Lune street on to Fishergate.

“If that and the measures in place where enforced then I think we would be ok.... I think that the new lay out of Preston is visually very nice and is perhaps something that is attracting people to use Preston more.

“If people cant walk that little bit further then its a hard doo, its all about using ones loaf and thinking about your exit rather than just somewhere to park if you cant do that then I think you deserve to sit in traffic.”

thelastword: “What the council needs to do is accepted the shared space scheme isn’t working and put some traffic lights back in, people driving down fishergate will not let. People out of the side streets once they have been stuck for a while.”