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Twelve young people joined BAE Systems in Preston for two weeks as part of an ambitious programme which will provide a pathway into work for those currently not in training or employment.

The employer-led Movement to Work scheme aims to help long-term unemployed young people into jobs. Under Movement to Work, young people complete a four-week training programme including a two-week work placement provided by employers.

The group at BAE Systems gained experience within the IT, human resources, procurement and finance teams. Two of the group are Katy Evans, 22, who spent her placement within Finance Services team and Jamie Brennand, 23, who worked within the company’s Enterprise IT area.

Katy said: “Getting work experience in a busy, complex environment such as the Finance Services office in Preston is invaluable when you are seeking your first job, which is surprisingly hard to find.”

Jamie, from Ingol, said: “I had no idea just how much we would get involved in the day to day activities, but in fact we were plunged in on day one, assessing and giving feedback on a new online request tool. “It was great to be treated as one of the team straight away. We really felt we were making a contribution at the same time as improving our prospects for future employment.”

Catherine Robinson, HR manager said: “I am so proud that our teams in Preston were the first within BAE Systems to take part in this scheme.”