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Tips: The Sanitas team
Tips: The Sanitas team
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Representatives from aerospace and defence businesses in and around the North West will gather to learn about the importance of digital security in the supply chain.

During the session at Preston’s College on November 5, they will find out from key players in the industry how they have managed the risks while also improving collaboration.

Giles England, Head of Information Security at BAE Systems, will outline the threats that a large organisation faces, the impact this has on a supply chain and how to enhance cyber-resilience across a supplier base.

While leading with an aerospace theme, the morning seminar will be applicable to any high value engineering SME who needs to collaborate, share and protect sensitive information. The event is jointly hosted by Sanitas Data Security, Preston’s College and the North West Aerospace Alliance.

Mark Pegram, Co-Founder and Director of Sanitas Data Security said: “We live in a connected world. What connects us all is data, and that data has never been more valuable to own, vital to share or more vulnerable to attack.

“Cyber criminals and state sponsored actors are shifting their focus from increasingly well protected corporates to more vulnerable SMEs in their supply chain. These SMEs need to increase their knowledge about and awareness of cyber risks and how to protect themselves.”

David Bailey, CEO of the North West Aerospace Alliance, said: “Digital security affects us all. Aerospace and defence is a high value sector and is very attractive to hackers.

“This event is important to the supply chain and will show companies how to secure sensitive data.”