United Utilities urges Lancashire residents to conserve water amid heatwave

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Water companies are asking customers to conserve supplies as Britain continues to bask in a heatwave.

United Utilities has issued water saving advice to their website, meanwhile Northern Ireland Water is set to introduce a hosepipe ban from this weekend to stop any interruptions to supplies.

Water saving advice has been issued by United Utilities

Water saving advice has been issued by United Utilities

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The hot weather is expected to last with the sun set to shine into the weekend across most of the UK, as water companies said usage had been "significantly more" than normal.

The post to the United Utilities website said: "We’re all enjoying this beautiful, warm weather but it also means we’re using lots more water.

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"So while it’s dry it’s good to use water wisely and some small changes in how you use water – from turning off the tap while brushing your teeth to not over-filling the kettle – can have a big impact. See our sizzling North West page for more information.

"Reusing water where possible can also save lots of water, such as when the children have finished with the paddling pool – why not use the water on your plants?

"We’re also working hard tackling leaks, so if you spot one in the road or footpath, report it and we’ll sort it."

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Huge spikes in demand for water at mornings and evening peak times mean utility companies are having to pump billions more litres of water into the system, but they say it is often being used by customers as fast as it is supplied.

Visit the United Utilities website for more tips on how to save water www.unitedutilities.com/help-and-support/save-water/