Survey highlights modern management issues

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The North West’s bosses urgently need to update their management style, according to new research from Investors in People.

A survey carried out among workers in the North West found that over three-quarters (78 per cent) admit to talking about their boss behind their back, with 50 per cent doing so on a regular basis.

What’s more, one in ten (nine per cent) cannot name one quality they admire in their manager.

The most frequently disliked trait of managers in the North West is not giving reward or recognition where it’s due, which was named by one in five workers.

Not motivating staff, not communicating clearly and not being visible or present were also named as among the most despised qualities.

When asked about the qualities workers most admire in their bosses, being approachable came out top, named by a third (33 per cent) of workers in the North West.

Having relevant experience and trusting their staff to do their job also ranked highly among staff.

These traits also came highly when employees were asked what qualities they think make a good manager in general; being engaging and motivating was listed by 42 per cent of staff, followed by being approachable (33 per cent) and strength of relevant experience (30 per cent).

The research also made it clear that a good relationship with a manager is important to overall job satisfaction.