Retailer takes stand on shellfish

Chris Dee, chief operating officer of supermarket chain Booths
Chris Dee, chief operating officer of supermarket chain Booths
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Supermarket group Booths is stopping selling ‘dredged’ scallops on its fish counters across the North.

The Preston-headquartered retailer has confirmed it will only source the shellfish from The Ethical Shellfish Company, a Scottish firm which only supplies scallops collected by hand divers.

It will now sell the products through its 29 stores, including in Preston, Penwortham and Chorley.

Chief operating officer Chris Dee said the decision was “the right thing to do” with intensive fishing methods such as dredging proven to damage seabeds.

He said: “Taking the decision to remove dredged scallops was easy; it’s simply the right thing to do if our customers are to continue to buy a range of high quality fish and seafood from our counters.”

“The hand-dived scallops are more succulent and better quality, and while they are more expensive, we feel our customers will support our decision and enjoy a more sustainable scallop of superior quality.”

Ethical Shellfish Company spokesman Guy Grieve added: “On a personal level we are also hopeful that Booths’ decision to buy from us will mean that we do not have to export any of our perfect king scallops abroad.

“They should be appreciated and savoured in Britain, like so much that is produced on these shores.”