Residents join bid to block fracking

Greenpeace campaigners
Greenpeace campaigners
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​NEARLY 2,000 Lancashire residents have rushed to join a legal block to stop fracking companies drilling under people’s homes.

Figures released today by Greenpeace show monthly signups to the legal platform soared more than three-fold between February and March, reaching over 42,000.

​​Greenpeace hopes to use ​trespass law​s to stop Cuadrilla and other companies extracting shale gas in areas where owners do not give their consent. ​The Government says it is considering reviewing the law.

The wrongmove campaign was launched last year – and now has 7,000 backers in the North West and 2,000 in Lancashire alone.

​Greenpeace says they include 270 residents living close to the two proposed fracking sites near Rosecare and Little Plumpton.

Under the current legislation, shale gas firms need permission from land and homeowners before drilling under their properties, or must obtain special permission from a court.

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