Public Services Union calls for bosses to negotiate

Workers unite: PCS rally on Preston Flag market
Workers unite: PCS rally on Preston Flag market
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Public sector workers held a rally on Preston’s Flag Market to highlight the reasons behind the one-day strike.

Around 3,700 workers from Preston’s courts, government departments and prisons, walked out in a protest against cuts to their jobs, pensions and pay.

Members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PSU) took part in the rally to inform the public of the reasons behind the strike.

Lynne Wallace, who took part in the rally, said: “This is our last attempt to try to get the pressure on this government to talk to us.

“We are in a no-negotiation situation.

“This government – our 
employer – is refusing to negotiate with us at any level.

“All the cuts that are happening, in terms of wages and 
pensions – people aren’t even making it to the end of the month.

“We have people struggling to come to work as they don’t have the train fare to get there.

“The reality of what people are facing is shocking and with the move towards part-time and short term working people can’t afford to get mortgages or pay their bills.”

The Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) has called for a minimum pay rise of 5% or £1,200 for all civil servants this year, for the living wage to 
underpin all government contracts, for no cuts to terms and conditions, and no increase in pension contributions, no increase in the pension age and no reduction in pension benefits.

Peter Middleman, PCS NW Regional Secretary said today: “If the Cabinet Office won’t talk we must act to ensure that detrimental changes to pay, pensions, staffing levels and working arrangements are not railroaded through.

“With our economy failing, the PCS alternative of jobs, pay and public services are essential for growth and for the prosperity of communities across the north west.

“Britain needs a pay rise and we’re proud of our members who are striking in an attempt to make the government listen.”