‘Protect your brand’ warning after big case

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An intellectual property specialist is warning businesses of the importance of protecting their brand after the makers of hugely popular game Candy Crush Saga controversially trademarked the word ‘candy.’

Gaming company King.com moved to trademark the word in Europe to protect its best-selling Candy Crush Saga game, popular with mobile phone and tablet users.

The controversial decision angered other game developers who could be prevented from using the word ‘Candy’ in their own games.

Benjamin Dredge, solicitor at Lancashire law firm Napthens, warns that the news highlights the importance of trademarking a company name early on in the business’ life. He said: “This is an interesting development because it looks like King.com is only now flexing its muscles in regards to arguably its most valuable piece of intellectual property. Figures show that 500 million people have installed Candy Crush around the world.

“As a brand owner, it is important to get a trademark registered as early as possible. This provides invaluable protection if the business and its brand becomes successful in the future.

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