PROJECT UPDATE: Preston bus station renovation is one step closer to completion

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The state-of-the-art redevelopment continues...

What has happened?

New bus bays installed at Preston bus station as part of a major renovation job of the site.

New bus bays installed at Preston bus station as part of a major renovation job of the site.

Renovation and repair work on the external car park ramps at Preston Bus Station has been completed.

What has been done to the ramps?

The ramps have been upgraded with new barriers, the ramp bearings have been replaced and a new surface has been applied.

The changes have also made it easier to use the south ramp by removing the raised concrete section between the lanes.

What other improvements have been completed?

A new pedestrian crossing has been installed on Church Row, close to the junction with Tithebarn Street, providing a new route for the bus station via the new external coach station, which is currently being created in the former taxi rank.

What have the owners had to say?

Lancashire County Council’s project manager for the Grade II listed bus station redevelopment, Andrew Barrow, said: “A lot of work has been taking place to repair this building and improve it, in keeping with the listed status.

“We’d like to thank people for their patience, with each of the ramps being closed at times for work to take place. All of the planned work has now taken place, so the only ramp closures we should need from now on will be for maintenance.

“We’ve repaired the concrete, upgraded the security cameras, added more lighting and payment machines, and brightened up the parking levels. The aim is to make them more welcoming and encourage people to think about parking there.”

What about road closures?

Lords Walk, underneath the south car park ramp, has reopened following the ramp work.