Preston shop caught selling booze to children loses its licence

Nisa Local, Miller Road, Ribbleton
Nisa Local, Miller Road, Ribbleton
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A shop accused of selling alcohol to children has been stripped of its licence by council bosses.

Nisa Local in Miller Road failed police test purchases at the end of last year, selling alcohol to a 16-year-old and a 15-year-old.

The Ribbleton store had been taken to task in January last year when it was given a reprieve, but has now had its licence revoked.

Sergeant Tony Bushell told Preston Council’s licensing committee that test purchases were failed on November 20 and December 5 last year.

He also said that a member of staff at the shop had been working under a student visa.

Sergeant Bushell said: “We feel as a responsible authority that we have exhausted the avenues available to us within the licensing act in order to address the issues of the premises.

“Unfortunately, it’s not a decision we took lightly, we bring it before you to ask for revocation of the licence.”

He added: “What we would ask you to consider is the pattern of behaviour consistent over the past two-and-a-half years in relation to these premises, and it is important to deal with the facts.”

Solicitor Samantha Faud, representing the business behind the premises, explained the licence holder had changed since the mystery shopper visits, and was due to change again.

She said her clients intended to sell the business as soon as possible, and needed to keep the licence to do so.

She suggested a number of extra conditions which could be added to the licence, including a strict “no ID no sale” policy, a boost in training, and new technology for scanning all ID.

The solicitor said: “My clients have completely changed the operation of the premises, they have spent a huge amount of money and they are actively seeking a buyer for the premises.

“The conditions we have offered will prevent under age sales in the future.

“If my clients could sell the business today they would but it takes time. I ask that you give the time to sell to prevent another empty premises.”

Bosses decided to revoke the licence, and the licence holder has 21 days to appeal to Preston Magistrates’ Court.