Plenty of support for fracking – miles away

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Only one in five people would definitely support fracking near where they live, according to findings from independent market research firm Viewsbank.

Its nationwide study shows people will need to be persuaded to support the Government’s efforts to boost the shale gas industry by offering a business rates windfall to local council approving projects in their areas.

Cuadrilla is planing to drill for shale gas at a number of sites in Lancashire.

Viewsbank’s study shows just 18 per cent would definitely support fracking near their home – although another 40 per cent would potentially support fracking if they knew more about the process.

Support rises however the further away fracking is from the person’s home – 37 per cent would definitely support fracking in other countries and 33 per cent would definitely back it in other parts of the UK.

Making the case for lower energy and job creation are key to winning support for fracking, the research found. Around 67 per cent of adults would support fracking if it delivered lower bills, and 65 per cent would support it if created jobs.