‘Over development’ battle heats up with leaflet drop

Homes plan: Land off Dilworth Lane, Longridge which is earmarked for more than 600 homes
Homes plan: Land off Dilworth Lane, Longridge which is earmarked for more than 600 homes
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Six hundred leaflets are being delivered to mark the next phase of the ‘Save Longridge’ battle against over-development.

Started two weeks ago by campaigning group Dilworth Voice and now gaining hits on Facebook and Twitter, the campaign’s petition was launched at the weekend in Dilworth Ward by councillors Ken Hind and Rupert Swarbrick.

They are calling for all residents to sign the campaign to protect the town which they say is ‘under siege’ by developers.

The petition will be handed to Ribble Valley Council urging it to stand firm on the number of homes to be built in Longridge in its plan for development of the whole borough up to 2028.

The plan, or Core Strategy, and the Longridge Neighbourhood Plan now in preparation, led by Longridge Town Council and to be approved via a referendum by local residents, would provide defences against demands for excessive 

Longridge residents are being urged to sign the petition, which supports the Longridge 
Neighbourhood Plan.

That plan aims to create homes for existing residents, flats for young singles, bungalows and adapted accommodation for the elderly, take back into use flats above shops, and make sure that rental properties as well as family houses are available.

It also looks at economic development and job creation, improving infrastructure, roads, schools, health care and utilities.

Councillors Hind and 
Swarbrick will stress the need for the borough to stand firm when the Core Strategy working group meets tomorrow.

They will also call for Longridge Town Council’s support this evening (Wed) and seek a public 
meeting to explain the nature of the crisis that potentially could engulf them.