Opportunities for firms in flood technology

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The latest business news from lep.co.uk
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Businesses can find out about commercial opportunities involved in making our rivers cleaner and safer at a Lancaster University and British Water event.

Technology and analysing big data that can support regulation and monitoring will play a significant part in protecting watercourses from pollution and communities from flooding in the future. This will provide significant new opportunities for companies.

The ‘Catchment Management in Action’ event will bring together scientists, regulators, businesses and academics to understand the challenges, and business opportunities of river and landscape management.

The two-day event delivered in collaboration between Lancaster University and British Water, on March 5 and 6, involves outdoor lectures in the Eden Valley, Cumbria, plus facilitated workshops at the Lancaster Environment Centre to explore new collaborative project development.

Dr Ruth Alcock from Lancaster University said: “Monitoring and detecting environmental changes in water and soil quality are vital for effective decision making in the management of our land and water resources. Rural landscapes present specific challenges where emerging technology such as remote sensing applications and real time data monitoring could be used effectively to change the way we gather and interpret information.” Tickets can be ordered at www.catchment-management.eventbrite.co.uk