North West above average at searching for deals

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People living in the North West are third best in the country at shopping around for the best energy tariffs, saving on average £191 a year.

These findings from The National Switching Grid, comparethemarket.com’s new bi-annual energy price index, launched today – highlighting a notable North/South divide when it comes to searching for the best energy deals.

The North West is 17 per cent above the national average.

Whilst households in the North East, Yorkshire, the North West and the Midlands are all comfortably above the national switching average, London and The South East are both below.

James Padmore, Head of Energy, comparethemarket.com, commented: “Judging by our research into the tendencies of the various parts of the UK to shop around to lower their energy bills, there appears to be some truth in the stereotype of Northerners being thriftier than their Southern counterparts.

“The poor ‘switching performance’ of London compared to the rest of England could be partly explained by the high number of renters as opposed to homeowners in the capital. People renting may overlook that they’re also entitled to change energy providers and often assume that they would be prevented from doing so by their landlord.”

Mr Padmore added: “Regardless of your location, it is clear that households stand to save considerably by shopping around.”