North now a big competitor to the South

Paul King Shield Group
Paul King Shield Group
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PAUL King, Regional Director of the Shield Group, on the Northern Powerhouse:

IT’S fair to say that the businesses of the North West have been prominent in the headlines recently and it’s great to see that these cities are finally being recognised for their economic potential. With George Osborne’s announcements for the ‘Northern powerhouse’ and more companies investing in this part of the UK, this marks an exciting time which could see North West businesses being catapulted into the national spotlight. It’s important for the rest of the nation to understand the importance of this time, and also for those working in the North to use their business potential to push this agenda further.

Although the UK is still recovering from the hard effects of the recession, more businesses are being launched each year and it’s never been a better time to un-tap potential, particularly when it comes to cities like Manchester and Lancaster.

Graduates wanting to make an impact in the corporate world don’t need to consider moving to southern cities like London to find a good company, and since Northern companies are attracting the talent of the future, this means that the North is becoming a great competitor to the South. The North is more able than ever to contend with more traditionally economic cities and it’s a stimulating time to be a part of this.

Unlocking this potential is also great news for the UK’s place among Europe’s biggest players. Seeing that the whole nation is able to compete with the likes of Germany and France will elevate the economic position of the UK and put us in a great place to secure full recovery following the recession.