Mum’s fury at 50p charge to warm her baby’s bottle

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A mum was left steaming after a cafe charged her 50p to warm her baby’s bottle.

Lindsey Ward took to Facebook to vent her frustration after being charged for half a cup of hot water following her visit to Caffe de Latino at Preston’s Fishergate, on Tuesday afternoon.

But now a row is brewing on social media following the cafe manager’s response to her comments.

The 35-year-old mum of two said: “My friend and I were visiting Preston on a shopping trip with out our ten and 13 month old babies.

“We ordered our drinks and sat down then we asked for half a cup of hot water to warm my son’s bottle up – for which we were charged 50p.

Lindsey added: “I handed over the money because the only alternative they offered was to warm the bottle up in the microwave but, that isn’t safe.”

On her return home to Blackpool, Lindsey, a nurse at the resort’s Victoria hospital, posted a comment on the social networking site saying, “Be prepared for them to charge you 50p for a few inches of hot water to warm a bottle..nah not my cup of tea!!”

However, the cafe’s owner Mr Ross response sparked anger on social media. He posed: “This is a business not a nursery. We sell cups of hot water to drink to customers for 50p and nobody has complained.

“We offer to warm bottles in microwave for FREE.”

But following the comment, dozens of Facebook users lept to Mrs Ward’s defence.

One user wrote: “Will never visit!!! 50p for hot water for babies bottle and abusive response to customers complaint. Disgusting!!!!

“Microwave heating of bottles is unsafe hence why sensible mothers ask for hot water!!”

Another added: “I think the owners comments are more disgusting than their behaviour. It’s a great insight for any of your existing customers to see just how little you value them and their feedback.”

Speaking to the Evening Post, Mr Ross defended his comments. He said: “The two ladies came and occupied the seating area with their prams and only ordered a 75p can of pop. We are a business that has to pay rents. If people are complaining because of 50p it must be desperate times for them.” Mr Ross added: “We are a business and we are not here to let people use our services for free.”

Lindsey said: “We go out a lot for coffee and we have never experienced anything like it – we have never had to pay for hot water.”