MP backs plant’s apprentice centre

Visit: Mr Menzies (centre)
Visit: Mr Menzies (centre)
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One of the Fylde coast’s hi-tech training centres for young engineers was praised by an MP who threw his weight behind a next generation energy project.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies visited Westinghouse’s Springfields nuclear fuel plant at Salwick, near Preston, for talks about a Small Modular Reactor which could provide electricity around the world in decades to come.

He met Mick Gornall, managing director UK Fuel Operations, for discussions on a business update for Westinghouse Springfields, and in particular plans for Westinghouse to provide a Small Modular Reactor to the UK market.

In October Westinghouse presented the UK government with a proposal to partner in the deployment of Small Modular Reactor technology, a move that would advance the UK from being a buyer to a global provider of the latest nuclear energy technology.

The fuel for the Westinghouse Small Modular Reactors would be manufactured at Springfields, which would not only contribute to helping to support future jobs on the site, but also help strengthen the business’s future position.

He also toured the site’s Apprentice Training Centre to chat to some of the apprentices.

Mr Menzies said: “I was delighted to visit the apprentice training centre at Westinghouse Springfields and speak to some of the young trainees there. It was clear during my visit that the apprentices were extremely engaged with what they were learning and that they are keen to become some of the next generation of world-class British engineers. There are some exciting opportunities in the pipeline which should see the site continue providing highly-skilled, well-paid employment for many years to come.”