McDonald’s value to Lancashire economy

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An independent economic report commissioned by McDonald’s to mark its 40th anniversary in the UK has found the business and its suppliers make a combined annual contribution of £60m to the Lancashire economy.

In April 1982, McDonald’s opened its first Lancashire-based restaurant in Blackpool. The county now has 36 restaurants employing almost 3,500 people.

The report was researched by Development Economics to assess the overall contribution McDonald’s has made to the UK economy, local communities, its employees, customers and suppliers since it first started operating in the UK.

The report finds that overall the business and its supply chain is estimated to be worth £2.5 billion annually to the UK economy.

Over the past 40 years, the total economic contribution taking into account suppliers and employment is £40 billion.

Jill McDonald, North West Division President and Chief Executive Officer, McDonald’s UK, said: “To mark our 40 years in the UK we wanted to take a close look at our economic and community impact, from the jobs we have created to the world leading supply chain we have built. I’m incredibly proud of the investments we have been able to make and how our franchisees and employees are at the heart of hundreds of communities across the UK.

“By taking a responsible and long-term approach we have been able to support jobs for local people and create opportunities for UK-based businesses. Our continued growth will enable us to further expand our workforce with 8000 new jobs created over the next three years, and in many cases give thousands of young people a valuable opportunity to start building their careers.

“The foundations we have laid will help us make the right decisions for the future whether it’s continuing to invest in the customer experience, leading the way on support for British Farming, or employing and training even more people.”

Lancashire franchisee, Nigel Dunnington began his McDonald’s career over 25 years ago and now runs 10 restaurants across Blackpool, Preston, Lytham and Leyland. His restaurant contribute £13 million to the local economy and he employs almost 750 people****. He said: “I’ve lived in Lancashire for the past 7 years and prior to that I lived in the area for over 12 years so it’s important for me to be able to invest in the area and provide a significant number of jobs to local people.

“I am firm a believer that you need to be part of a community to be successful in that community, and I am passionate about giving young people the chance to get workplace experience.