‘Major opposition’ to access law change

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More than 70 per cent of people in the North are against Government plans to allow fracking companies to drill under people’s homes without their permission, according to a new poll.

Nationally, nearly three quarters of Tory (73 per cent) and Lib Dem (70 per cent) potential voters hold the view that energy companies should have to get permission from owners or residents before drilling for gas under their homes or land.

The figures are revealed in a YouGov survey .

Only 13 per cent of respondents said energy firms should not be required to have this consent.

The results are published on the day a broad range of environmental groups and a leading homeowner organisation wrote to David Cameron urging him to ditch moves to weaken people’s property rights in order to clear the way for fracking.

Ministers are planning to include the policy in the new Infrastructure Bill, due to be announced in the Queen’s Speech.

Over 45,000 people across the country have already opposed permission for under-house fracking by joining the www.wrongmove.org platform set up by Greenpeace.

According to campaigners, nearly 7,000 of them are based in the North West and over 4,000 in Yorkshire.

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