Little Lucy’s voice is out of this world

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A little girl from Grimsargh has become the star of a new computer game created by her mum and dad.

Anthony Ball and Faye O’Neill, of Jeffrey Hill Close, came up with the “What Rhymes With Martians?” game when Faye realised similar ‘match three’-style games, were missing a trick.

GAME ON: Lucy with parents Anthony and Faye

GAME ON: Lucy with parents Anthony and Faye

Anthony said: “Faye thought of the idea because she’s pretty addicted to similar games, so we started to develop our own idea two or three months ago.

“In the other games, you have to wait until you take your next move, but ours is pretty fast-paced and allows you to keep taking turns, even before the previous move has 

“We also have a level that sets a time limit to reach a certain score, so it can get pretty frantic.”

But it was the couple’s six-year-old daughter, Lucy, who took a special interest, and became the voice behind the speech effects within the game.

Proud dad Anthony, who also has two older children in their 20s, who work in London, as well as 10-year-old Dylan and four-year-old George, said: “Lucy was the only one who volunteered when we asked who wanted to do it.

“Whenever you get a bonus, you hear Lucy say ‘marvellous’ or ‘amazing’, and if you get a few bonuses in a row, her voice speeds up so she can get quite high-pitched, which she finds pretty funny.

“She loves the game, all the children do.”

And the couple are hoping to spread the word about “What Rhymes With Martians?” when the game is featured at the forthcoming indie games showcase, Update, at MediaCityUK, in Salford.

Anthony, who writes computer programmes used in primary schools across Lancashire, said: “Update is a new showcase of the latest video games, apps and software from developers across the North West, so hopefully we’ll catch a few people’s interest.

“The event is free, so anyone who is interested in developing or writing games or apps should certainly go and take in some of the talks that are being held. Now is the time to get involved.”

l What Rhymes With Martians?, from SinisterSoft, is now available for Android handsets and 
tablets via the Google Play Store and will be available on Kindle and iOS for the iPhone and iPad over the next couple of weeks.

For more information on the Update show, visit