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The Chamber of Commerce (lepbusiness) magazine is now approaching the thirteenth issue and is once again packed full of our usual high quality business editorial from around the county.

This publication has grown from strength to strength since the Lancashire Evening Post became partners with the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and has become a ‘must be read’ publication for the North West business community.

It also appears on www.lep.co.uk

Many high profile and successful businesses have chosen to to become a part of this success story allowing the 10,000 decision makers, company owners, directors to gain an insight into the regions businesses and the service/s they offer and thought the firm would benefit in utilising this publication to promote your business services.

I sincerely hope that you will consider this product and that I can include you in this tenth issue.

The e- publication will be distributed via the Chamber database (10,000) and 2500 printed copies into high footfall business areas in Preston.

Want to advertise in our next edition?

Booking & artwork deadline Wednesday 14th October

Advertising costsFull page £625Half page £3901/4 page £2201/8 page £125

For more details about advertising contact

Sarah Lovell by telephone on 01772 838041, by email at sarah.lovell@lep.co.uk or on Twitter here @LovellSarah