‘It’s actually not a bad idea’ - You have your say as Tesco begins trialling money-back scheme on plastic bottles

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Supermarket giant Tesco has begun trialling in-store recycling machines to encourage customers to recycle their plastic bottles.

The machines, being trialled first in Borehamwood, Swansea, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester will pay customers 10p for every bottle returned.

Tesco is trialling a money-back scheme on plastic bottles

Tesco is trialling a money-back scheme on plastic bottles

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Similar schemes are already in operation in some Scandinavian countries, as well as Germany, and states in the US and Canada. Tesco is also allowing customers to reuse their own multi-use plastic containers when they buy meat, cheese or fish from deli and fish counters, instead of using single-use plastic bags, products

We asked for your views and here are a selection from Facebook

Good idea. They’ve been doing this for cans and bottles for ages in some states in America for ages. You have to spend the cash back in the store.
Kathryn Warbrick

That’s not a problem if you’re already at the store to cash in your bottles.
Shell Chapman

Great idea
Linda M Baldwin

Used to get money back for your empty glass pop bottles over 40yrs ago, never used to see many discarded.
Andy Slack

That’s good
Sheila Higham

In USA/Canada they put the cost on your bottle when you buy it. so if you recycle it you are getting the money back. A bit like the deposit we used to pay the Pop man. In Albert a you take it to a recycle unit to get your money back
Marie Jo

I’ll take my blue bin
Donna Higham

Is it just Tesco bottles or any bottles bought from any store. I.e. Asda.Sainsburys Morrison’s etc.?
Susan Woodhouse

Great... but they be better trying to switch all bottles to glass or a recyclable material
Georgia Daly

Just like Germany I suppose it’s actually not a bad idea
Owenzy MC Col

About time other countries have had these for years. I’m sure it will encourage more people to recycle. Just need them more accessible really. But a step in the right direction finally.
Bernadette Davies

I’m saving ours up and taking them
Brittany Clara

Love this !!!
Zoe Jackson

I’m going to be rich beyond my wildest dreams !!!
Liz Eyre

They are doing this in Australia, its very popular
Susan Appleby

Brilliant idea, get kids involved they could save.a Fortune by the time they’re 18
Jo Gilles

Let’s get drinking loads of water
Courtney Jade Prescott

Good idea is this all stores?
Julia Hayden