HIDDEN UNEMPLOYED: ‘You feel like no one wants you’

Unemployed Stuart Lowe
Unemployed Stuart Lowe
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Stu Lowe, 25, of Penwortham, is currently unemployed and claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance.

He said: “I’ve been on and off it for a while, since leaving college. It’s horrible, you feel useless, like nobody wants you.

“The Job Centre send you on courses that are not very helpful, you go and look for jobs online and they ask you to sign. They don’t really help you look for work.

“I’ve been on these CV building courses so many times but they’re not useful.”

Stu worked as a landscaper for a year after leaving college, but after his fixed term contract finished, he struggled to find work.

He added: “Everything you’re offered is short-term, there’s nothing permanent available in the line of work I want to be in.

“And I’ve found that most of the things the Job Centre try and send you for you can’t do because you’ve not got the right skills.”