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The Evening Post’s campaign to support the local economy and celebrate the success of Preston’s retailers has been asking you what you think.

On Saturday we launched our ‘Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local campaign,’ to help ensure traders across Lancashire continue to play a prominent role.

Throughout the week we have focused on different places to shop, eat and play in the city - with positive comments from many people on what is on offer.

We asked people on Twitter and Facebook what they like best about Preston.

Catherine Cockburn said on Facebook: “I love the indoor market so much quality and friendly service.”

Katheleen Brennan added: “I love shopping in Preston, all the shop assistants are friendly my favourites city.”

On Twitter Charlotte Farringdon said: “The food market has to be up there with my favourite things along with Duk Pond and Brockholes.”

Michael Beal added: “The parks are brilliant. I love running the Guild wheel, Avenham Park, Brockholes. All with great views and runner friendly.”

However people have also aired their views on what needs to change in the city and what they are unhappy about.

Leanne Parker said: “I was in Preston city centre yesterday and was very surprised to see so many empty shops.”

Claire Smith added: “Went there this Sunday for the first (and last) time in about 12 months. The place is a big, huge, dug-up mess.”

Another posted called Lyndsey added: “We are desperate for decent shops but independent retailers selling something a little different.”

And Bernard Dorsett said he thinks the answer is ‘free parking’

Adding: “[It needs] a cleaner town centre and better choice it seems that all Preston is full of is banks, mobile phone shops and takeaways.”

Meanwhile Mark Whittle from Preston’s Business Improvement District said the campaign is “vitally important” to remind people what’s on offer on their door-step.

He added: “We’ve taken a few inquiries this week in relation to Preston’s offer and have seen engagement with the general public, via the BID Ambassadors on the street, has increased too.

“Our weekly footfall figures show that last Saturday, against that Saturday in January saw an increase of 16 per cent and against that Saturday last year, an increase of 39 per cent.”