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Specialist provider PHX Training is sending out a message to employers in Preston to use the funding available for Workplace Learning to help increase the skills of their workforce.

Employees over the age of 19 are able to access the fully-funded training offered as part of the European Social Fund leading to improved job and career prospects.

The programme offers training up to level 2 covering English and maths, and businesses can receive the training fully funded plus funding to cover the cost of releasing staff to undertake the training.

Research has shown that those with poor maths skills are far more likely to be out of work, or to be stuck in low-paid jobs.

Shirley Williams, development director of PHX Training, said: “This learning programme is a way of employers improving the qualifications and skills of their workers.

For the employee, it can increase prospects and help with job security.

“For some smaller businesses where they are already employing young people who are still gathering the skills they need, it can fast-forward development and make an employee a real asset.”

Workplace Learning is funded by the European Social Fund, co-financed by the Skills Funding Agency.

PHX Training’s specialist team of trainers offers wide-ranging online resources as well as face-to-face facilities at 10 training centres across Lancashire.