Firm aims for bullseye with new app

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Motionlab, one of the North of England’s leading full-service digital agencies, has launched its first mobile game, Darts Match.

Darts Match uses an intuitive swipe motion to aim and throw darts, allowing solo players to compete in standard games of 501 and 301 and Around The Clock.

Launch: The Darts Match app

Launch: The Darts Match app

Boasting cross-platform play for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users, Darts Match allows players to challenge others via Facebook, Smart Match or an in app search by Darts Match username.

The game has already received backing from one of the sport’s heavyweights, with Darts Match players aiming at an officially approved Unicorn darts board, as utilised by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC).

Developed in-house by Motionlab Interactive, a specialist division dedicated to cross-platform app and game development, Darts Match is hoping to fill a gap in the market where other mobile darts games have failed.

Motionlab’s head of apps, Alan I’Anson, said: “Built using the powerful Unity 3D engine, Darts Match combines stunning visuals and an immersive experience to deliver, what we believe, is an unrivalled mobile darts game.

“We’ve analysed the professional dart players and matched the feel of the throw to the swipe of the Darts Match player’s finger.

“The swipe motion is simple enough for a novice to pick up and master, but responsive enough to satisfy the most discerning player.”

For those looking to take their Darts Match playing experience level a step further, phase two of the launch will see the introduction of in app purchases which are likely to include new game modes, alternative darts and a variety of competitive environments.

CEO of Motionlab Simon Iredale said: “We have invested heavily in the first release from Motionlab Interactive, to ensure we are seen as a top end games development studio, rather than a few guys ‘having a go’.

“Six months in the making, and with a full team of developers and game artists, we have built what we believe to be the best darts game out there.

“The first release is the core game with network play, however, soon after we will be releasing county, national and world championships, darts packs, new locations, ‘live play’ and in app purchases, ensuring it will be the number one darts game for a long time to come.”